The media player that remembers everything you listen to or watch, no matter the source.

“What was that song I was listening to …?”

Unlimited System-Wide History

Have you ever said to yourself, “What was that song I was listening to…?”, well here’s your answer! System wide listening & watching history organized by listening session. A session is a specific span of time that you were consuming media. This separates the time listening at the gym, from the car ride home from work. Never miss out on a great song ever again!


A new session is started after a short period of no audio activity.

*Default is 15 minutes

Pause Tracking

An Activator action is available to pause session tracking for a customizable amount of time, or until manually resumed.


Sessions and their album artwork will be automatically deleted after a time of your liking.

*Default is 14 days


“I wish I could save every great song I hear, no matter which app i’m in.”

System. Wide. Bookmarking.

Mark any media for later reference, in any application or the system media player. With the press of a button, bookmarking can be customized to not just mark the song, but automatically do much, much more..


Automatically import the now playing song into the Music app and never have to play app roulette looking for one of your liked songs! More Info


Automatically share the now playing media, including a clickable link*, to a list of contacts. Friends not jailbroken, not a problem. More Info

*Link requires a match found in iTunes, or be played  within a supported app


Bookmarks aren’t singular. You can bookmark any media more than once, marking the actual elapsed times within the track to view later, or even skip to those points within the song to listen to those moments again.. “Where was that dope song at in this mix?!” More Info


All your favorites,  in one spot,

with no hassle.

All in ONE place

If you use more than one music service, wish granted. You no longer need to jump from app to app just to listen to all your favorite songs. You can manually browse your history to import songs or while listening using the activator methods!

*Apple Music subscription required; or Musessions Importer

Almost Instant.

Using the dedicated activator action or bookmark method, Musessions will find the best match within iTunes, and adds that song to your Music app. No matter what app you are listening to; System Wide.

Importer Add-On

If you don’t have an Apple Music subscription then you may look into Musessions Importer!


Don’t be selfish! Let others hear the same great tracks you do!

Share ALL the Music!

If you stumble upon a musical gem, don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself–  Share it! Using the dedicated activator action or by bookmarking*, you can share the now playing item with a group of friends! Best part is, they don’t need to be jailbroken or even on iOS!


You can specify whether your friend uses Musessions, stock iOS, or Android so that they get a clickable link with your text.


Do Not Disturb

Don’t worry about waking your friends at 3 am with a late night listening session. You can specify a Do Not Disturb time period where your shares will be queued for later sharing.

One Tap

When you receive a bookmark from a friend, clicking the link will open within Musessions, save it to the Received tab, and automatically play* the track or queue it up if you’re already listening to something.

*Only if a stream is available and auto-play is enabled.

For the longer things…

Videos, Mixes, and More!

Bookmarking saves the time within the media that the bookmark was performed. Whether you’re hearing a DJ mashup, watching a movie, an episode of your favorite TV show, or listening to the latest hiphop mixtape; you won’t have to scrub back through later trying to find that precise moment.

Knowing when in the song you’ve bookmarked is one thing, but going there is another… Tapping on a bookmark time will start playing* that song from moments before that point, allowing you to quickly relive those points in the mix.

*Only for media with an available stream


When sharing/bookmarking a Mix media, you can also include the bookmarks timestamp for them to see and access as well!

All Media Types

Although the word “Mix” normally refers to music mixes, here, any media longer than [custom value] is deemed a mix. This determines if the bookmarks are viewable in Musessions; Media of any length will still register multiple bookmarks

*Default is 8 minutes


No More Guessing

Now that you know the time within the mix, finding the song in the track list just became a lot easier.

*Possible future update may include tracklist retrieval & parsing to show you the tracks artist/title at that point in the mix. Unplanned future.

Not just a Media Tracker

Built-in Media Player

You can start a queue from your bookmarks, received, or even relive a previous session from right within the app; No need to visit the apps separately!

Custom UI

In app audio player adjusts color scheme based on the now playing artwork.

Context Aware

Whichever list you start listening from, the tracks listed after will be queued up. Start listening from your bookmarks? All subsequent bookmarks will queue; Shared from a friend? Received will queue.


Start, queue up, or share tracks with a simple force touch on the tracks cell.

Custom UI

In app audio player adjusts color scheme based on the now playing artwork.

Context Aware

Whichever list you start listening from, the tracks listed after will be queued up. Start listening from your bookmarks? All subsequent bookmarks will queue; Shared from a friend? Received will queue.

You listened to Pandora earlier at the gym and heard a great song…

Luckily you bookmarked it and it’s already waiting in your Music library; If not, don’t worry you can always do it later within the Musessions app!

Import for All

This free add-on package allows those without Apple Music subscription to import tracks into the Music app as if you did!  It also adds an interface to view iTunes song results, along with available streams, for manually selecting the version/quality you prefer.

If multiple iTunes results are found, most likely remixes, you can swipe through them and perform a new search the selected match. This can be a great way to find great remixes and add them to your library as well.

Apple Music Not Required*

Import songs into Music app even if it is not available on the iTunes Store. The converted local metadata and artwork will be used automatically.


All About That Metadata

Use the converted metadata and artwork, the official metadata used by iTunes, or manually enter the desired track information.

Free Add-On!

Although Musessions Importer is a separate package, the Importer is free for all Musessions users.

SoundCloud Integration

There are a few exclusive features available for the SoundCloud application, due to my personal affection, and the amazing services it provides. Liking support, Importer support, and sharing support.

Metadata Parsing

If you’re a user of SoundCloud, you know what I mean when I say the title/artist strings are a mess. To get a good match, I parse out the gibberish.


If no better import result is found, you can always fall back to the 128kbps stream version. Keep in mind, SoundCloud has a great algorithm that converts the artists high quality source to an mp3.


Even if no iTunes Match is found, the share link will include the SoundCloud ID so your recipient will always be able to hear and/ or import it.

Extensive Activator Support

Includes Activator actions, along with a pre-built Menu containing all Musessions actions for easy access to all options without the trouble of creating the menu yourself  🙂

Activator Actions


Bookmarks the now playing media along with enabled features like auto- share, import, and liking.

Bookmark Previous

Bookmarks the last played media along with enabled features like auto- share and import.

Bookmark Clipboard

Bookmarks the media found by parsing the users clipboard for metadata and searching iTunes for a match.

Silent Bookmark

Bookmarks the now playing media without sharing, importing or liking. Simply Bookmark.

Share Now Playing

Shares now playing media with group of contacts.

Import Now Playing

Imports now playing media into Music app with selected options.

Remove Bookmark

Cancels or removes the Bookmarks from the now playing media.

Remove Last Download

Cancels import or download of last bookmarked track.

Pause Tracking

Temporarily pauses (or resumes) tracking for a custom amount of time or until re-enabled.

End Session

Force end the current listening session and starts a new session on next playback.

More Coming Soon!

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